Crumbs of Transcaucasia

  Transcaucasia is a geographical area that includes Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In the past it was also a political entity with the ephemeral Federal Democratic Republic of Transcaucasia (February-May 1918) and the Soviet Federative Socialist Republic of Transcaucasia (1922-1936).

  After having been under the influence of Persian, Ottoman and Russian empires; the modern history of Transcaucasia is marked by the Soviet yoke imposed throughout the twentieth century. This period ended with bloody wars of independence that saw the birth of three recognized States (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia), three unrecognized States (Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh), not forgetting Adjara who came back into the Georgian bosom after a period of independence and the Javakheti's Armenians claims ...

  Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are currently torn apart the eternal influence of the Russian neighbor who carries out an opportunistic diplomacy and an opening to the West (the three countries joined the Council of Europe).

Nagorno-Karabagh: Shadow State ? De facto State.

Abkhazian Summer

Shifted around between different empires over the centuries, attached to Armenia then to Azerbaijan when the Socialist Republics of the transcaucasia were created, independent but unrecognized at the end of the conflict with Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh finally try to build a State during the last twenty years in parallel with the negotiations about its status. While in the backstage of the Minsk Group one play with words, juggle with international law and denies the evidence, the institutions are building, the Armenian repopulate former Azerbaijani areas and the word de facto take every day a stronger meaning
Story made with Anaïs Coignac, journalist.

Considered as the pearl of the Black Sea, Abkhazia is a small haven that has not often been at peace. Source of lusts through the centuries, this State lost in the of transcaucasia limbo is now developing with the help of the invasive Russia. Twenty kilometers from Sochi, which hosts the 2013 Winter Olympics, the "Russian Riviera" will continue to divide and to make people dream.
Story made with Anaïs Coignac, journalist.

Lichk has lost its men

In the streets of this Armenian village, one meet mothers, daughters, sisters. But almost no men. To escape poverty, 90% of them exile themselves in Russia during eight or nine months, in search of work. They are farmers worker, drivers but also banker, students, school director, musical director and there they work as builders. Leaving Lichk's women carrying out alone the tough lives of family, between loneliness and waiting.
Story made with Anaïs Coignac, journalist.