Sulina, the European Far-East

AIDS orphans of Dapaong (Togo)

At km 0 of the Danube, Sulina's old lighthouse is only a symbol. Eastern gate of the European Union since the accession of Romania in 2007, it illuminates no more cargo. At the beginning of last century, the Black Sea pulled downwards, discovering a few parcels of vacant land around the building. Meanwhile, the European Danube Commission has gone, and with it a host of traders: Turkish, Greek, German, French, Russian, Lipovans and Ukrainian Cossacks. Ten consulates have lowered their flag. French has lost its status of official language and Romania has resumed his duties on this deserted territory. That was in 1939 and since then the town has ceased to believe in his redemption.

Story made with Anaïs Coignac, journalist

North of Togo, Dapaong, the Association "Living in Hope" welcomes AIDS orphans, whether they are infected or not. Girls live separately from boys in a site called Sainte-Monique House. However, they are given the task of taking care of boys of who they become "big sisters." Here the girls take care of everything: kitchen, dishes,laundry, for her and the "little brother" of who they are responsible, not to mention school and homework. Mama Rita, the only adult int structure, watches over them...

Reportage made for Pèlerin.

The other World Cup

Boar Hunt

In 2014 there was the FIFA World Cup, Rio, the heat, the stars, the 7-1 for Germany against Brasil, France eliminated in the quarterfinals.
And there was the CONIFA World Cup. The World Cup of minorities and unrecognized States, Östersund and its 50 000 inhabitants, its 10 degrees in the evening, its anonymous (some of them arriving from refugee camps), the 20-0 of Padania against Darfur and even french winners (the County of Nice) !
A strange mix of nations asking their independence, people fighting for their rights and regionalists campaigning for their culture. The June 1st, Assyrians won against Iraqi Kurds, a few months later Kurds save thousand of assyrians in Irak.

Story made for Néon

It is a frozen November morning, at the crack of dawn. Meeting at the "Café de la Jeunesse" ("Youth bar") with let's say, some youngs, but not only... After a coffee (without booze), the group boards on the livestock, direction the Picardy plain. And is faced with a field of miscanthus : this is where they'll have to flush boars out. Our hunters post back on the massif, frozen, ready to leek. Then trackers come into play, enter the forest, and unleash the dogs...

Story made for Libération.

The Migrants of Calais

Calais is a crossing point for migrants hoping (for a majority) to reach England. Intense collaboration between French and British authorities to strengthen security around potential embarkation points (highway area, port, train station, etc..) makes extremely difficult the crossing. Migrants stay here weeks or even months wandering in the Calais region in the hope of crossing. Days of inactivity waiting attempts to pass the night. Story made in 2007-2008.