Boar Hunt

It is a frozen November morning, at the crack of dawn. Meeting at the "Café de la Jeunesse" ("Youth bar") with let's say, some youngs, but not only... After a coffee (without booze), the group boards on the livestock, direction the Picardy plain. And is faced with a field of miscanthus : this is where they'll have to flush boars out.

Our hunters post back on the massif, frozen, ready to leek. Then trackers come into play, enter the forest, and unleash the dogs. It shouts and it barks between the huge miscanthus rods one need to move aside. But boars are smart, in any case more than dogs they have placed on the trail of a doe who left several kilometers away. Result: two hours to recover the dogs in the surrounding countryside and not a wild boar in the trunk.

Once all that small community is back, rebelote for livestock, direction a small quarry sheltered from the wind for an extended beanfeast. Then back home, empty-handed or almost. A doe caught herself in barbed wire while escaping dogs : the catch of the day, not very heavy but it's better than nothing.

You can read the story by Michel Henry (in french) on the Libération website: lien